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Resolves The Identity  
Of Your Website Leads

Intentflow™ captures and reveals the personal identity of B2B website leads visiting your website, in real time -- or you don't pay.

With the world's best B2C and B2B data in-hand, we empower sales and marketing teams with the in-market intelligence needed to drive revenue, increase retention, engage their market, and dramatically lower customer acquisition cost.

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Lowering Customer Acquisition Cost Is The Hidden Key To Growth

It's not the companies who spend the most to acquire a lead that win the customer acquisition game, but rather, companies that spend smarter.

For every market, there is an average cost to acquire an in-market MQL. It's objective, and it can be known with a few minutes of market research.

You need to get better leads, cheaper, and get them predictably, at scale, in order to gain the indisputable advantage in your space. Unfortunately, it's easier said than done...

Still Think You Can Compete If You Don't Target In-Market Leads?

Think again. You've been targeting mostly unqualified leads, without even knowing it. It's reflected in your ad-spend, it's reflected in your sales booked call rate, and it's costing you cash.

97% of firmographic/demographic lead lists, and native targeting in your PPC ads, is NOT actually in-market right now. That means you're wasting time and money trying to sell to the wrong person.

Paying through the nose for lead credits, and to run ads to a poorly targeted audience, if you don't know that these leads are actual buyers, is wasteful, and it's putting you at a cataclysmic disadvantage.

demand generation is changing, and it's about to get much harder.

Google's 3rd party cookie removal, Facebook's upcoming limitations on pixel targeting, iOS 14/15's blow to advertising, LinkedIn's recent limitations -- these are just signs of the times.

You need a future-proof strategy.

Make no mistake, these changes do affect you. They're making marketing more costly, and they're making it significantly more difficult to mediate prospect attention.

Change is coming, it's already here, and you need to adjust your strategies now if you intend on your sales surviving and thriving over the next five years.

You’re Losing $$$ Right Now Because You Don’t Know Who’s Looking To Buy.

Your market is looking for what you do, but they’re going with the competition instead.

This very minute, chances are a qualified lead was searching for your solution and looking up the competition, but you didn’t know WHO it was, and your competition got to them first…

Until you action this, you’ve got a massive competitive intelligence problem, and you're missing out on cash in the bank because of it.

• Every month, thousands of your ideal customers are looking for a solution to their problems… but you don't know them by name, and they don't know you.

• The longer you wait to identify buyers during their purchase journey (the right way), the more cash you leave on the table -- and it's a lot of money.

• If you don’t act on this data, your competition will. It’s only a matter of time, and you’ll lose deals to those that invest in proper in-market business intelligence. Acting on this now could mean the difference between market dominance, and massive revenue lost.

Contact-Level Intent Data Is What You Need
To Transform The Way You Go To Market Forever.

Contact-level Intent Data on a pay-for-performance basis is what you need in order to gain the unmatched competitive advantage in your industry.

  • It's 97% more efficient than firmographic sources or native ad-targeting.
  • It's typically <98% lower cost than your industry average cost per in-market marketing qualified leads (and this can be proven objectively).
  • It typically yields a >75% reduction in CAC.

Intentflow™ is by-far the best Intent Data investment you could make, and we can prove it.

Not only do we provide the absolute best qualified leads to you on a performance basis, but we hold your hand through the process of using the data, helping you get results in days, not months.


These Companies Are Already Generating Extreme Profits With Intentflow™ Intent Data,
When Will You?

Want Proof That We Deliver Insane Results? See The Impact We’ve Had For Yourself.

Residential Mortgage Team

Intentflow™ Powered -- Paid Ads Campaign

During the first 30 days of a paid ads campaign, an established lead gen funnel for a single NC mortgage Loan Officer was empowered by intent data to produce 180 sales ready leads at an average cost of $5.75/lead.

Medical Malpractice Attorney

Intentflow™ Powered -- Paid Ads Campaign

In medical malpractice law, a vertical where a single client can represent upwards of $1 million, our InMarket empowered lead targeting performed 17X better than the standard targeting of the control.

Staff Outsourcing Service

Intentflow™ Powered -- Outbound Campaign

In the first 90 days of an Intentflow™ powered lead generation campaign, a successful outsourcing service was able double their gross annual recurring revenue.

SaaS Marketing Platform

Intentflow™ Powered -- Paid Ads Campaign

Established lead gen campaign for a Saas Marketing Tool resulted in 50% drop in average cost per click and a 70% reduction in the average cost per acquisition.

Non-Depository Residential Loan Officer

Intentflow™ Powered -- Outbound Campaign

A Residential Loan Officer leveraging data for outbound sales was able to achieve a jump from an average $50M in loan volume per year (over the past 5 years), to an average of $120,000,000 in loan volume per year, within the first 6-months of campaign performance.

Marketing Agency

Intentflow™ Powered -- Outbound Campaign

A Market Agency leveraging data for outbound sales was able to achieve an additional $500k in annual recurring revenue for each sales rep empowered with Intentflow data.

Soft-tissue Chiropractic Practice

Intentflow™ Powered -- Paid Ads Campaign

An Intentflow™ powered lead generation campaign for a soft-tissue chiropractic practice generated over $25,000 in new revenue in its first week.

Mergers & Acquisitions Firm

Intentflow™ Powered -- Outbound Campaign

An Intentflow™ powered lead generation campaign for an M&A firm increased their sales channel to and average 72 booked calls per month pace in just 30 days.

Registered Independent Advisor Team

Intentflow™ Powered -- Paid Ads Campaign

An Intentflow™ powered lead generation campaign for a team of Financial Advisors generated sales appointments at $60.59 per appointment using In-Market lead targeting vs $181.56 per appointment using standard targeting.

Digital Media Company

Intentflow™ Powered -- Paid Ads Campaign

Established lead generation company, routinely spent 7-figures each month on digital media. Realized a 50% reduction in cost per lead, while producing $90,250 in new revenue in first 3 months of the campaign.

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