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And How Can Contact-Level Intent Data Solve The Sales Problem For Good In Your Business?

Your Leads Are Only EVER In-Market & Active

Buy anything else, and it's a waste... Here's why:

  • The perfect leads are actively looking for your solution.
    You need to know who they are.
  • Typical lead sellers will provide firmographic information not intent data and you’ll waste 97% of your time and resources chasing leads that aren’t sales ready.
  • Company intent information from sources like Bombora or Clickagy/Zoominfo are based around linking an IP address with a business location but this doesn’t work in a remote sales environment, and doesn’t tell you the identity of the person searching.
  • Right now, your sales team has to hit thousands of prospects each month to determine who’s interested in your solution, which costs you time, money, and otherwise great relationships.
  • What you need is hyper-qualified in-market intelligence at the contact level.
  • The perfect lead is actively looking for your solution, and if you knew who they were, and knew their personal contact details, it would revolutionize your sales process, reduce wasted spend, and increase conversion across the funnel.

You Need To Transform Anonymous Website Visitors Into Sales Qualified Leads

It's possible through our ridiculously powerful Artificial Intelligence. Here's the gist:

  • everyday closable sales leads visit your website that you never get to speak with. They visit, read… then bounce to your competition.
  • In addition to in-market behaviors, we can also empower your organization with the most profitable leads you’ll ever have -- website visitors.
  • Using our Website Visitor Identity Resolution technology, we can unlock the revenue opportunity trapped on your website, and resolve the personal identities of 30%-50% of website visitors -- all while abiding by all State and National regulatory privacy acts across the United States.
  • This means that we can track all inbound traffic from sources like your paid media campaigns, your brand awareness initiatives, your referral network, your partner backlinks, and all sales activity, and can provide you the names, emails, phone numbers, and other relevant contact information of the majority of these visitors, in real-time.
  • Using this information, you’ll be able to bump your website lead production from the typical 2% average form-fill ratio, up to 30%, 50%, and in some cases upward of 65% of all website visitors, without them having to fill out a single form.

*The process also doesn’t rely on any browser cookies, making it fully compliant with privacy regulation, and not limited in any way by the recent updates from Google, Facebook, and iOS.

The Results of Contact-Level Intent Data
Speak For Themselves

Staff Outsourcing Service

Intentflow™ Powered -- Outbound Campaign

In the first 90 days of an Intentflow™ powered lead generation campaign, a successful outsourcing service was able double their gross annual recurring revenue. $1M ARR added in less than 90 days.  

Medical Malpractice Attorney

Intentflow Powered -- Paid Ads Campaign

In medical malpractice law, a vertical where a single client can represent upwards of $1 million, our InMarket empowered lead targeting performed 17X better than the standard targeting of the control.

Non-Depository Residential Loan Officer

Intentflow™ Powered -- Outbound Campaign

A Residential Loan Officer leveraging data for outbound sales was able to achieve a jump from an average $50M in loan volume per year (over the past 5 years), to an average of $120,000,000 in loan volume per year, within the first 6-months of campaign performance.

Soft-tissue Chiropractic Practice

Intentflow™ Powered -- Paid Ads Campaign

An Intentflow™ powered lead generation campaign for a soft-tissue chiropractic practice generated over $25,000 in new revenue in the very first week.

Residential Mortgage Loan Officer

Intentflow™ Powered -- Paid Ads Campaign

During the first 30 days of a paid ads campaign, an established lead gen funnel for a single NC mortgage Loan Officer was empowered by intent data to produce 180 sales ready leads at an average cost of $5.75/lead.

Registered Independent Advisor Team

Intentflow™ Powered -- Paid Ads Campaign

An Intentflow™ powered lead generation campaign for a team of Financial Advisors generated sales appointments at $60.59 per appointment using In-Market lead targeting vs $181.56 per appointment using standard targeting.

Metro Sanitation Service

Intentflow™ Powered -- Outbound Campaign

An Intentflow™ powered lead generation campaign for a high-ticket sanitation service generated over $250,000 in new revenue in its first month.

Marketing Agency

Intentflow™ Powered -- Outbound Campaign

An Intentflow™ powered lead generation campaign for another marketing agency resulted in almost immediate traction with 70 booked calls in just 30 days, up from less than 1 per week on their own.

SaaS Marketing Platform

Intentflow™ Powered -- Paid Ads Campaign

Established lead gen campaign for a Saas Marketing Tool resulted in 50% drop in average cost per click and a 70% reduction in the average cost per acquisition. 

Roofing Organization

Intentflow™ Powered -- Paid Ads Campaign

An Intentflow™ powered lead generation campaign for a roofing company quadrupled their conversion rate from 5% to 20% with each deal worth $10,000+ in net revenue. 

Mergers & Acquisitions Firm

Intentflow™ Powered -- Outbound Campaign

An Intentflow™ powered lead generation campaign for an M&A firm increased their sales channel to and average 72 booked calls per month pace in just 30 days. Their average annual value on a deal is around $300,000.

Marketing Agency

Intentflow™ Powered -- Outbound Campaign

A Market Agency leveraging data for outbound sales was able to achieve an additional $500k in annual recurring revenue for each sales rep empowered with Intentflow data. Intent data dramatically outperformed the firmographic control.

Who Is Using It?

Reach Qualified Buyers That Are Actively Looking, And Transform The Way You Go To Market Forever.

With our intent data in hand, you’ll have the business intelligence you need to 10x revenue, empower your sales team, reach your ideal buyer right when they’re looking—and gain unmatched competitive advantage in your industry.

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